What you call a hero,I call just doing my job.

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QUALIFICATIONS AND ADMINISTRATIVE REQUIREMENTS FOR FO1 GENERAL QUALIFICATIONS FOR APPOINTMENT TO FO1 RANK   1. A citizen of the Republic of the Philippines 2. Of good moral character 3. Must pass the psychiatric/psychological, drug and physical tests for the purpose of determining his/her physical and mental health 4. Must possess a Baccalaureate Degree from a …

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ATTENTION FIRE OFFICER 1 APPLICANTS: NO. LNAME FNAME MI 1 Acevedo Donniefelia A 2 Acevedo John Eric N 3 Alag Edward T 4 Anitubo Ronie C 5 Arenga Michael John B 6 Arrobang Lorbel Mae O 7 Bahala Arnel John S 8 Beliber Andre John R 9 Benedicto George F 10 Bisual Rocelie P 11 …

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ATTENTION APPLICANTS FOR PROMOTION: SENIOR FIRE OFFICER 3 1 SFO3 Adrid Johnie A 2 SFO3 Aurecencia Loreto A 3 SFO3 Fantilaga Abraham G 4 SFO3 Kuan Jose Amar P 5 SFO3 Malijan Ronnie A 6 SFO3 Patiño Antonio L 7 SFO3 Romero Rodrigo J 8 SFO3 Sallilas Randy M 9 SFO3 Tamayo Jr Roberto B …

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 Always sleep with the bedroom doors closed. This will keep deadly heat and smoke out of bedrooms, giving you additional time to escape.
 Find a way for everyone to sound a family alarm. Yelling, pounding on walls, whistles, etc. Practice yelling “FIRE!”
 In a fire, time is critical. Don’t waste time getting dressed, don’t search for pets or valuables. Just get out!
 Roll out of bed. Stay low. One breath of smoke or gases may be enough to kill.